Sitelines testifies before the Maine Legislature's Joint Standing Committee

Kevin Clark, President of Sitelines testified before the Maine Legislature's Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government on February 23rd, 2011 in favor of the "Act to Repeal the Informed Growth Act".  On May 3rd, 2011 by a vote of 90 to 56 the House passed "An Act to Amend the Informed Growth Act".  The key changes to the Informed Growth Act are:

  1. It provides that the provisions of the Informed Growth Act do not apply to a municipality unless the municipality adopts an ordinance that adopts by reference the Informed Growth Act.
  2. It provides that municipalities that are subject to the Informed Growth Act by the adoption of such an ordinance receive the fee directly from the developer for the comprehensive economic impact study rather than through the Executive Department, State Planning Office and determine the amount of the fee.
  3. The definition of "undue adverse impact" is amended to mean that the estimated overall negative effects outweigh the positive effects and removes the requirement that the estimated negative effects of at least 2 of the factors considered in the study outweigh the positive effects on those factors.
  4. It provides that the municipality may determine which factors are considered in the comprehensive economic impact study.

This amendment will allow municipalities the right to home rule.  They can choose to "opt in" to utilize the act and which criteria they will use.  We hope this will help make Maine a more inviting place to do business.