Landscape Architecture:
Landscape Architecture:
"Landscape architecture is the profession which applies artistic and scientific principles to the research, planning, design and management of both natural and built environments.  Practioners of this profession apply creative and technical skills and scientific, cultural and political knowledge in the planned arrangement of natural and constructed elements on the land with a concern for the stewardship and conservation of natural, constructed and human resources.  The resulting environments shall serve useful, aesthetic, safe and enjoyable purposes."  ASLA 

Sitelines offers the experience and knowledge of 26 years of professional practice in landscape architecture.  Our practice is in Mid Coast Maine and we are experts at planning and design for Maine environments.  Whether a project is extensive or focused we will engage it with passion and enthusiasm.  Our design process is accomplished, thorough and above all creative.  Our landscape architecture services include:

     Site Analysis
     Master Planning
     Concept or Schematic Design
     Landscape and Hardscape Design
     Site Lighting Design
     Visual assessments
     Digital Photo Simulations
     Presentations and Renderings

The breadth of our experience and expertise in design include the planning and design of elderly communities, conservation or sustainable development, planned residential development and mixed use in the 'new urbanist' style, most commercial and retail development of all size.  We are fluent in design for Early American, eclectic, cottage, modern, post modern and minimalist styles.  Our intuitive style is derived from years of practice in the rustic and rugged natural beauty of the Maine landscape, highly influenced by our legacy of ornamental horticulture and our native plant communities.

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